Hi friends! I’m doing something a little different on the podcast today. 

I am sharing with you the very first episode of Antiracism in Action, a new podcast by my good friend, Stan Smith. If you’ve been listening to Make it Brave for awhile, you might remember my interview with Stan back on episode 41, which aired in June.

During that conversation, we talked a lot about the work Stan is doing to help white people have productive conversations about race and then take action on how to become anti-racist. And now, to further his work to equip and educate allies, Stan has launched the Antiracism in Action podcast. 

And you get to be one of the first to hear his new show that has launched today! Stan’s first episode is only nine minutes, but in that time, Stan bravely opens up about his story and talks about how racism has impacted his life. It’s raw. It’s real. And it’s incredibly important––especially for White people––to hear what he has to say.

Following Stan’s inaugural episode of Antiracism in Action, you’ll hear an excerpt of my original interview with Stan. We’ll dive deeper into a lot of the stories he shares in his solo show. 

I hope you’ll give it a listen and then subscribe to Stan’s new show so you can find tangible ways to take action against systemic racism.

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