Bravely Breaking Social Norms with Molly Kemp

We learn from a very young age the power of social norms. We want to be loved and accepted by our peers. So, we follow the mainstream. We do what everyone else is doing because we don’t want to get called out for being too weird or different.

But, what if societal norms don’t match with your personal beliefs?

That’s the story of today’s guest, Molly Kemp. In addition to working in HR, Molly is an improv performer, instructor and coach, where she encourages people to take off the masks they wear in their lives so they can live with more vulnerability and authenticity.

Molly is also pregnant and she and her husband have chosen to follow gender-open parenting methods where they are not disclosing the baby’s sex and they are using “they/them” pronouns until the child is able to determine their gender. 

Although this is more common in other countries, it is fairly rare in the US. And while Molly believes this is the best choice for their family, they’ve received some pushback as not everyone agrees with their approach. While this is something Molly believes in, it has also been challenging for her.

Molly’s story is proof that standing up for your own beliefs is brave and I applaud her for being so open and willing to share her story with us. I can’t wait for you to hear it.

Resources Mentioned on the Show

Additional Resources from Molly

  • Zoomprov Breaks with Unscripted Improv – 20 minute improv sessions, no experience necessary, come and laugh!
  • Gnu Tales Facebook Page: This is an improvised children’sfairy tale Molly produces at Third Coast. Their facebook page has been putting out content and ideas for keeping kids busy during social distancing.
  • Imaginarium: A community that is imagining a better world and intentionally making it so. They gather to learn and discuss a variety of topics concerning social justice and personal wellness, emphasizing our inherent connectedness, responsibility, and magic as human beings. Currently meeting on Zoom every Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm.
  • An article about how to be supportive of gender open parenting
  • An article on gender neutral parenting and things that everyone can apply

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