Building a Confident and Courageous Life with Kia Jarmon

Do you have someone in your life that you’ve always looked up to for their confidence and courage? 

That’s how I feel about today’s guest, Kia Jarmon. Several years ago, I spoke on a panel with Kia. And ever since I met her, I’ve admired her confidence and courage. She knows exactly who she is and it’s evident in how she shows up in the world. 

Kia is talented and gifted in so many ways that it’s hard to find the right words to describe her. Kia is an entrepreneur. A communicator. A speaker. A change agent. A philanthropist. A mentor. A mother. Ultimately, Kia is a strong, powerful voice in Nashville. That’s why you’ll often find her working on high-impact projects in our city.

During our conversation, we talked about everything from how to be brave in business to the courage of motherhood to finding the bravery to address racism in your own life. 

Kia is so wise and her confidence is utterly contagious. This was such a valuable, beautiful, honest conversation. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to Kia as much as I did.

Kia Jarmon - Make it Brave Episode 43

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