Emigrating to a New Country with Erika Matallana

Today’s guest, Erika Matallana, moved from South America to the US at the age of 24 to begin a new life with her husband. 

In doing so, she left behind her entire family and support system to move to a country where she didn’t know the language. And for someone with a background in communications, that essentially meant starting over in her career.

In today’s show, Erika shares what it was like to go from a place of privilege and being in the majority culture to becoming the minority when she moved to the United States. She also shares what it has been like for her to climb the corporate ladder as a woman of color and how the challenges she’s faced has helped her become more empathetic. 

This is such a fascinating and important conversation from someone who has lived in two entirely different worlds. I think we can all learn from Erika’s wisdom and experience.

And hopefully, it will help all of us become a little more understanding and open to people who might be different.

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