When difficult things happen in life, we have two choices. We can wallow in pity or we can find ways to make the best of it. For Taylor Moreland and his family, they definitely chose the latter route when their first child, Brody, was diagnosed with spina bifida and spinal cord atrophy, conditions that have paralyzed him from the chest down.

Taylor went from seed salesman to inventor––all in an effort to help Brody achieve the mobility and life that Taylor so desperately wanted for him. In today’s show, we’ll also talk about how Taylor’s hobby has turned into charity helping hundreds of other kids after their story appeared on ABC Nightly News.

If you want to hear about a shining example of how to make the best of difficult circumstances, you’ll want to give this episode a listen. It’s such an inspiring story.


Want to learn more about the Morelands? Here are the various links I mention during the show:

Read about the Morelands on Good Morning America.

Watch the Morelands on ABC Nightly News.

Video: The Frog––The Gift of Mobility

Learn more about The Frog and the GoBro at their website, Frog Mobility.

Visit the Morelands’ GoFundMe page, Help Brody Get Kids Moving, to donate and help them give Frogs or GoBros to other kids in need.

Follow Frog Mobility on Facebook or Instagram.


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