Getting on stage and speaking in front of people can be terrifying for many people. But what about doing it without a script or a plan?

That’s what happens during improv. It’s making up a story and characters in the moment. And while that might sound scary, it can actually be a healing and empowering practice. That’s why Emma Supica believes improv is for everyone.

Emma runs a nonprofit called Unscripted, which offers a variety of improv workshops and classes in Nashville. In this episode, she shares how she got into improv and and all of the ways improv can help you be a braver, happier, healthier human.



Visit Unscripted Improv at to check out their programs or to donate to the work they are doing.

You can also connect with them on Facebook or Instagram.

To learn more about Emma, visit her website at You can also connect with her on Instagram.


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