Finding Your Self Worth with Jo Worthy

I have a two-year-old son. And what’s amazing to me about watching him play is that he is very confident. For instance, he will run through our house and say “I’m very good at running!” 

Even though he flails about and sometimes falls down, he doesn’t think that makes him a bad runner. He just loves it and believes that he is good at it.

I often think that we ALL need that kind of self esteem. 

But somewhere along the way, it’s not uncommon for us to lose it. And for others, maybe they never had that kind of confidence to begin with.

That was the case for Jo Worthy. She struggled with low self worth through much of her life. That’s why she spent years in jobs that she didn’t love and suffered through three terribly abusive relationships.

She finally broke that cycle and now is an empowerment coach and speaker. She’s also the author of the book Love Worthy: 21 Lessons in creating a deliciously divine life. 

And in today’s episode, Jo shares the secrets to finding your self worth and why that’s connected to everything we do in life. 


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