From Fear to Courageous Faith with JJ Gutierrez

Many people cite their faith as a source of strength and courage. That’s certainly the case for
JJ Gutierrez. 

But JJ wasn’t always a Christian. Even though she was curious about God, she didn’t grow up going to church or reading the bible. That came much later. 

But when she looks back on her life, she definitely can see how God carried her through some extremely difficult circumstances. For instance, she had a tumultuous childhood from a mother who hopped from relationship to relationship. And at 18, JJ assumed the responsibility for her younger sister when her mother died of cancer. 

It wasn’t until she hit rock bottom and completely fell apart that she cried out to God for help. This led her on a journey of transformation from a life filled with fear and anxiety to one marked by faith. 

And ever since, JJ has learned how to embrace and face her fears instead of running from them. She’s even written a book on the subject, which we’ll talk more about in our conversation. 

JJ is a great example of how you don’t have to let your circumstances or your upbringing define you. I think you’ll be inspired by her story. I know I was.

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You can learn more about JJ Gutierrez at her website, Chickening In. There you’ll find her blog, products and other free resources.

Go here for all of the places you can buy JJ’s new book, Chickening In: From Fear to Courageous Faith. 

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