From Panic Attacks to Unconventional PhD with Kirsten Lee Hill

Imagine you are making one of the most important presentations of your life and you suddenly feel like you can’t breathe. In fact, you feel like you’re going to die.

Sounds really scary, right?

That very scenario is exactly how Kirsten Lee Hill felt while presenting her dissertation proposal. But this wasn’t the first time. For years, Kirsten suffered from panic attacks multiple times a day. And on top of that, she also struggled with debilitating migraines that often landed her in the emergency room because the pain was so bad.

And yet, through it all, Kirsten was able to get her PhD in Education and is now a researcher, entrepreneur and education consultant.

But, as you’ll hear in our conversation, her road to entrepreneurship was not an easy one. It turns out, most PhD programs expect you to stay in academia once you get your degree. But that was never the path Kirsten wanted to take. She has always wanted to use her degree to improve the education system. 

And because she’s taken a more unconventional route with her degree, she’s faced criticism, imposter syndrome and all sorts of challenges that come with doing things a little bit differently. 

Whether you’re facing challenging medical issues, going about something in your life in an unconventional way or you want to start a business, I think you’ll find something inspiring in this episode. Go ahead and hit play to give it a listen!

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