Today’s guest, Ashleigh Marie Brown, is working to destigmatize infertility challenges and help women feel less alone. Through her career experience in the assisted reproductive space and her own personal story, Ashleigh realized women needed a space to find information and connect with each other around the topic of infertility, which she likes to call “pre-prenatal care.”

To help with this, Ashleigh founded a tech company called Claire Fertility, an integrated wellness platform for women who are navigating reproductive challenges. 

Even if you haven’t personally experienced infertility, you probably know someone who has. This conversation with Ashleigh is so important and can help you better navigate interactions with friends, family members or coworkers who have dealt with infertility. 

To help you better understand what many women (and men) face as they struggle through infertility, I encourage to watch this short video story produced by Ashleigh and the team at Claire.


Additionally, Ashleigh will share her inspiring journey of becoming a tech founder, along with some fantastic advice for anyone who hopes to one day start a company.  

Hit play to give this one a listen!

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