How to Rebuild After Losing Everything with Jennifer Grimson

When I was introduced to Jennifer Grimson and I invited her to be on the show, it was well before we were in the middle of a pandemic. And even though her story is compelling, I think it has even more relevance for the state we find ourselves in right now.

Jennifer lost everything––TWICE. Each time, she had no money, no job, no car and no place to live and she was supporting her two children. She successfully rebuilt her life from scratch and has built several of what she calls micro empires. And now, she’s sharing her story and the steps she took to dig out of the hole she was in and to build wealth.

As many, many people find themselves in financial hardship right now with the coronavirus,  Jennifer also shares some tangible steps people can take right now as they navigate these difficult waters. You can find some of those tips at the end of the show and I hope that this is helpful to you.

Here are just some of the things we covered on the show:

  • The culture of money and how it influences your relationships and your family;
  • How your relationship with money impacts your relationship with your partner or spouse;
  • The 10-10-10-10 methodology and how it helps you get through tough situations;
  • The importance of learning how to negotiate;
  • Learning how to pivot and use what you have right now to get through the COVID-19 crisis;
  • How to take stock of your financial situation right now and make a plan; and 
  • Specific actions to take to help manage your finances through this crisis.

Resources Mentioned on the Show

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