Overcoming Everyday Fears with Sandra Booker


One of the things I love about doing this show is that I get to highlight the many ways a person can be brave. And today’s guest proves that you don’t have to do massively heroic things––such as running into a burning building or performing a life-saving procedure in an emergency room––to be brave. 

Sometimes, bravery can look a lot quieter. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful or life-changing.

You see, for years, Sandra Booker had debilitating fear that kept her from meeting new people, leaving the house or even ordering a pizza. In fact, her fears would even make her physically sick. 

For the longest time, she didn’t realize that fear had such a hold on her life. But finally, with the help of her husband, she realized that she didn’t have to live paralyzed by fear. That she had the power to make a change.

In our conversation, you’ll hear about how she made this transformation and how she even went on to start her own virtual assistant company. Sandra’s story reveals the power of everyday bravery, which is something I think we could all benefit from.


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