Rethinking Wellness with Ashley Brooke James & Elizabeth Moore

When you think of health and wellness, what comes to mind?

If you’re like a lot of people, you might envision a young, super-thin person wearing some spandex. Or, perhaps you see lots of kale smoothies and protein shakes.

But today’s guests are on a mission to dismantle those images and change the way we think about health and wellness. As you’ll hear in this conversation, Ashley Brooke James and Elizabeth Moore believe that fitness and wellness are not the same thing. Instead, they want people to see that wellness is for everyone and that it should be fun too.

That’s why Ashley and Elizabeth left their jobs to create TriLuna Wellness, an experiential wellness company in Nashville. They offer retreats and events centered around cooking, health coaching and movement.

Ashley and Elizabeth are both certified yoga instructors, but that’s not how their careers started.

In fact, both of them have a background in marketing, communications and sales. Their path to wellness entrepreneurs is an interesting one and you’ll get to hear how it happened. It’s a great conversation that I hope will get you thinking about wellness a little differently. I know it did for me.

Interview Highlights

Here are just some of the things we discuss:

  • How Elizabeth accidentally quit her job and started her first company;
  • How Ashley and Elizabeth teamed up to start TriLuna;
  • Why yoga is not just movement, but a lifestyle;
  • The problem with the fitness industry in our country;
  • Why diversity and inclusion is so important for TriLuna;
  • The hardest part of starting a business; 
  • How they handle their fears; and
  • What they do when they feel stuck.

Resources Mentioned on the Show

Additional Resources

These weren’t mention on the show, but Ashley and Elizabeth has made these resources available since the recording and I wanted to make sure you have access to them: 

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