Taking a Brave Stance with Melissa Greene

Have you ever changed a strongly held value or belief system? Or, have you ever changed your mind on something you’ve always believed to be true?

For today’s guest, Melissa Greene, she has done that many times over. And Melissa credits her constant growth and evolution to her willingness to be curious and gain a deeper understanding about the world around her.

But, Melissa wasn’t always this way. She grew up in a conservative, evangelical household in Florida. She believed that her upbringing as a Southern Baptist was the “right” way of doing life and believing in God. But as she gained exposure to other thinking and ideas, her worldview and beliefs changed too.

Melissa started her career as a Christian music artist and for seven years, she sang as part of the contemporary Christian music group, Avalon. She then went on to pastor a church in Nashville that was widely publicized for its decision to become an LGBTQ-affirming congregation. And now she leads Imaginarium, a non-religious space that makes room for all of humanity and spiritual journeys.

My conversation with Melissa took place four weeks ago. It was in the wake of the news about Ahmad Arbery and Breonna Taylor. We couldn’t have known when we recorded this that George Floyd’s horrific murder would follow a couple of weeks later.

During our conversation, we spent a good deal of time talking about racial injustice and finding the courage to speak up, which is more important than ever. If you’re someone who is struggling to understand or is looking for ways to help, I really hope you’ll take the time to listen. Melissa offers some great perspective and wisdom that I think you’ll find valuable.

I could have easily talked to Melissa for hours. I learned so much from our conversation and I just know you will as well.

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Here’s the Time article we mentioned about Melissa’s church becoming LGBTQ inclusive.

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