The Art of Creative Entrepreneurship with Beth Snyder

Creativity and innovation is in Beth Synder’s DNA. As you’ll hear her say in a few minutes, she was born to make things. Art has always been a part of what she has wanted to do with her life.

That’s why she’s started not one, not two, but THREE creative businesses, including 1Canoe2, a successful paper goods and gift company and Hemlock Goods, an artisanal bandana company. 

There are just so many interesting facets to Beth’s story. You’ll hear about how she’s pivoting her retail-focused business amidst the pandemic and how she’s even starting a NEW business right now. 

Plus, we discuss how she has navigated various challenges in her life––from a devastating break up of her business partnership to a health scare when a tumor was discovered on her pancreas. And, as you’ll hear in today’s interview, she’s not just made it through these things, she’s actually grateful for them.

If you want to learn more about starting a creative business, how to be a better leader or how to find the opportunities amidst this challenging time, you’ll want to listen to my conversation with Beth. She has so much wisdom to share.

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Good Work – Marj Tieman and Erin McKeage

During this time, I think it’s important to highlight the people who are making an impact with their kindness, courage, empathy and positivity.

And today, I want to give a shout out to my mom, Marj Tieman, and my sister, Erin McKeage. When the pandemic hit and the recommendation came to start wearing masks, my mom and sister snapped into quick action… not to make a buck, but to donate them to local places that were scrambling to provide them. They donated them to the local hospital, to the school’s food service workers who were still handing out free lunch. They’ve made donations to the nursing home, to my nurse friend who is serving on the front lines in New York City. 

They eventually started selling their masks, but for every set of masks they sell, they make another batch to donate to a place that needs them. 

I am so proud of my mom and sister for seeing a need and using their skills to fill it. It fits perfectly with the theme of today’s show and finding ways to serve customers and they are definitely doing that. 

To my mom, sister and all of the makers out there who are providing these products to the many people who need them right now, thank you! 

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