Turning Tragedy into Lessons on Personal Safety with Barb Jordan

Thirty years ago, Barb Jordan and her family experienced the unimaginable when she discovered that her sister Beverly had been brutally murdered by her fiancé. 

She has spent years learning to cope with the grief of this reality. But two years ago, when her sister’s killer was released from prison, Barb realized that she needed to help other women from becoming a victim like her sister.

That’s why Barb has launched Always Bev, in honor of her sister and to encourage women to always be vigilant. Through Always Bev, Barb teaches personal safety and self defense courses to help prevent women from becoming victims of assault and sexual violence.

This was such an inspirational conversation about how to turn trauma and tragedy into a tool to help others. But also, it’s jam-packed with important steps to take to keep yourself safe. 

In addition to being an entrepreneur, advocate and speaker, Barb Jordan also spent a career as an elite softball player and coach. She was a collegiate all-American, she played on Team USA in the 1996 Olympics, she has coached a number of teams and now is a color commentator for broadcasts on the sport.

In addition to her work with Always Bev, you’ll hear a little about her illustrious softball career. 

You don’t want to miss this powerful episode. Give a listen and hit play!

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