What Recovery Teaches You About Fear with Tim Stoddart

Today’s guest doesn’t think he’s especially brave. If you ask him, he just focuses on doing what’s right in front of him.

But, it’s that very mindset that helped Tim Stoddart overcome addiction, start a blog and eventually become a successful entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses. He founded Sober Nation, a leading recovery site. He’s also the CEO of Stodzy, an internet marketing agency and a partner at Copyblogger, along with a number of other projects.

Tim has such a fascinating story and his wisdom is especially helpful now as we are all experiencing a time of great challenge and loss. In our conversation, he shares how the lessons he learned in recovery can help us all cope a little better with fear and anxiety. He also shares some helpful marketing lessons that he’s learned from building multiple businesses. 

There are so many wonderful nuggets of wisdom in this interview and I can’t wait for you to hear Tim’s story!

Here are just some of the things we discussed:

  • How Tim overcame his addiction and turned is life around;
  • What recovery teaches you about fear and anxiety;
  • How to apply lessons from recovery to the fear around the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Why he’s grateful for the time he spent working at a call center;
  • How Tim turned a blog into a successful business;
  • The two things you need to do to be a successful entrepreneur; 
  • The biggest marketing mistakes Tim made when launching his brand; and 
  • The advice that helps Tim get through challenging things.

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Resources Mentioned on the Show

Sober Nation

Tim Stoddart’s Website

Stodzy Marketing Agency

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