Why This Teacher & Mom of Three is Running for Office with Elizabeth Madeira


Elizabeth Madeira never had aspirations to run for office. Her deepest desire had always been to become a mother. But as you’ll hear in our conversation, that was not an easy journey for her.

And now as a teacher and mom of three, Elizabeth is running for Tennessee state representative. She is running as a Democrat in a historically red district against an incumbent who has held the office for 20 years. Some might call it a futile effort, but to Elizabeth, it was important to jump into the race instead of sitting on the sidelines.

But what makes her story even more interesting is that Elizabeth didn’t always identify as a Democrat. She grew up as a conservative in a small town in central Illinois surrounded by corn fields. During our conversation, we’ll discuss how her beliefs have evolved and changed over the years. She also shares what was the catalyst for her getting more involved in politics. Plus, you’ll hear what ultimately caused her to change her voting preference and party affiliation.

While there is a lot of emphasis on the presidential election in the United States right now, this conversation is a great reminder that some of the most important votes we cast are at the local level. 

No matter which side of the aisle you’re on, I hope you’ll listen to this conversation about the importance of civic engagement. My sincerest hope is that this will inspire you to take the time to understand the issues that affect your local community and learn more about the local candidates on your ballot. And most importantly, I hope you’ll remember to use your voice and vote.

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