Finding Meaning Through Challenges with Kirbee Miller

Today’s guest, Kirbee Miller has faced many incredible challenges throughout her life. She faced traumatic events in her childhood and now, as an adult, has been caring for her parents after they were critically injured in a car accident.

On top of that, Kirbee has a demanding corporate job and is an entrepreneur. She is the founder of KiNiMi Kitchen, a culinary experience company. Which now, thanks to the pandemic, has caused her to pivot her work to provide virtual cooking experiences.

There are so many facets to Kirbee’s story. She’s an example of someone who has been resilient and brave despite the many difficulties life has thrown her way.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wears many hats or you’re struggling through your own difficulties, I think you will find a lot of inspiration in Kirbee’s story.

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